Our Curriculum Intent

At Harrow Lodge we take pride in developing outstanding teaching and learning by holding the highest expectations of all our pupils and staff and by knowing the children well. Our aim is for our children to be successful individuals who enjoy learning.

We want our children to think analytically, independently solve problems, justify and explain their understanding of concepts and work collaboratively whilst developingresilience and confidence.

We intend that our children develop new knowledge and skills that build on what has been taught before and our curriculum is designed so that every pupil, whatever their ability, situation or background, can be successful and achieve.

We hope to demystify the world of aspirational education and employment through an exciting, diverse and challenging curriculum which allows children to see the wide range of opportunities available to them and create a growth mindset with regard to their uptake.

We aim to broaden and develop our children’s cultural capital through a range of planned enrichment activities designed to open pupils’ eyes and offer them experiences that they might otherwise not have had the opportunity in which to participate.

We want to develop responsible and respectful British Citizens who are able to play their part in society and become actively involved in public life as adults. We aim to raise our pupils’ awareness of and increase their empathy towards marginalised groups in society.

Our school values enable us to have a positive impact on pupils’ emotional and mental health, wellbeing and sense of security. We want our children to gain effective communication skills through learning to articulate their ideas with a wide and varied vocabulary which will benefit their mental health as well as their academic progress. This will enable them to develop healthy and sustainable relationships with others.

We offer a rich and varied program of sports activities and events which intend to develop resilience and confidence as well as cultivate a life-long passion for health and fitness.

We have a high academic ambition for all pupils across a curriculum which is diverse, inclusive and challenging for all, promoting curiosity and a love of all types and aspects of learning.


Our Creative Curriculum

At Harrow Lodge Primary School we have designed a broad and balanced curriculum that inspires and engages our pupils whilst meeting the National Curriculum requirements. Our topic based curriculum is inspired by Cornerstones for Education. The curriculum is delivered through exciting knowledge-rich projects which provide a range of exciting and motivating learning activities that make links between all aspects of children’s learning. Pupils will progress through four stages of learning in each project – Engage, Develop, Innovate and Express. To find out more about the Cornerstones Curriculum please follow the link below:





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Phonics Programme

EYFS Topic Curriculum Coverage

Year 1 Topic Curriculum Coverage

Year 2 Topic Curriculum Coverage

Year 3 Topic Curriculum Coverage

Year 4 Topic Curriculum Coverage

Year 5 Topic Curriculum Coverage

Year 6 Topic Curriculum Coverage