Health Education

Health education is now a statutory/compulsory program of study to teach in all UK primary and secondary schools. The topics that we teach your children are taught in a way that are age-appropriate and suitable to the needs of YOUR children. The purpose of these topics is to safeguard our pupils and to benefit their health and wellbeing. Every topic is taught sensitively.

Please see the PSHE RHE policy and Drugs policy on our school website for more information related to the statutory objectives we are required to teach to primary-age school children.

The following information sets out the compulsory content that must be taught to your children and sets out the structure in which we have chosen to deliver it. It is all taught in the second half of the spring term so you can see roughly when your child will be learning each section, allowing you to be prepared for questions and comments from your children about the content.

Health Education Program of Study