Priorities for 2023/2024



Priority 1 – Attendance

  • Children are enthused and motivated in their learning
  • Overall school attendance is in line or above national figures.
  • PP attendance improved to match that of Non-PP.
  • Persistent absence to be no higher than 14%.
  • No children arrive at school after 8:50 am.


Priority 2 – Writing

  • Pencil grip and pencil control is standardised and improved
  • Handwriting is consistently formed in line with year group expectations.
  • Teachers have a secure knowledge of the standard in writing expected for each term.
  • The marking of children’s writing is consistent across the school and in line with the policy.
  • Editing and redrafting time is planned into every sequence of work.
  • Quality of writing is a focus rather than the quantity.
  • Improved spelling in every year group.


Priority 3 – Arts and Culture

  • Work is begun towards achieving the Artsmark award including collection of evidence.
  • Plan and undertake an Arts week in conjunction with other subject leaders.
  • Provide extracurricular opportunities in the arts.
  • Enthuse pupil’s musical experiences through a wider curriculum.
  • Increase the use of drama in the curriculum to enhance children’s learning.
  • Work collaboratively with outside providers and local schools to provide a rich range of experiences for the children.


Priority 4 – Reading

  • Reading is a priority within the school.
  • Children enjoy reading.
  • Reading attainment levels are at, or above national.
  • All children are reading regularly and with a book that matches ability.


Priority 5 – Disadvantaged

  • The gap in attainment between PP and Non PP children is reduced.
  • The school has an inclusive ethos where every child is included and catered for.
  • Interventions are impactful and are matched to the needs of the children.