Priorities for 2022/2023



Priority 1 – Quality of Education

  • Broaden and embed higher level and technical vocabulary across all subjects in all year groups.
  • Continue to effectively use assessment in order to narrow gaps in learning for all children, especially those caused by COVID and within identified groups e.g. girls, PP
  • Improve the overall provision and support for children with SEND.
  • Ensure all teaching is at least good and addresses the needs of all children.
  • Raise achievement in all curriculum areas particularly reading, maths and computing.
  • Continue developing a progressive curriculum that reflects the local community and ensures that children know more, remember more and do more.


Priority 2 – Behaviour and Attitudes

  • Behaviour for learning positively impacts on the outcomes and progress of all pupils, eliciting positive attitudes and pride in their work.
  • Continue to develop a safe, calm, orderly and positive environment with high expectation for all.
  • Ensure that absence procedures, attendance and punctuality are robust and followed to ensure attendance is at or above national and causes least disruption.
  • Use behaviour information and data to identify and address patterns.


Priority 3 – Personal Development

  • All parents are aware of risks to health and wellbeing for the school community.
  • The curriculum offers an equality of opportunity.
  • Pupils are resilient and aspirational in their learning.


Priority 4 – Leadership and Management

  • Develop middle leadership.
  • All leaders, including Governors, accurately evaluate and reflect on their impact
  • CPD successfully matches staff need and impacts effectively upon school improvement.
  • Leaders have a positive impact on the attainment and progress of all children especially disadvantaged children.
  • Parents support their children by engaging in all or any clubs or intervention groups on offer and by ensuring homework is monitored diligently.