Priorities for 2020/2021

Priority 1 – Teaching & Learning

  • Raise achievement at greater depth in core subject areas with a particular focus on disadvantaged children.
  • Raise achievement in reading and level of enjoyment of reading across all years.
  • Raise achievement in computing through embedding a rigorous curriculum which is enabled via improved infrastructure and resources.
  • Embed a broad and challenging foundation subject curriculum across the school.
  • School staff contribute to the positive behaviours of all pupils both inside and outside and pride in work and environment is elevated.


Priority 2 – Whole School Rates of Progress for all Learners

  • Significant progress from end of Key Stage 1 moving through Key Stage 2 with a particular focus on disadvantaged children.
  • Children who achieved greater depth at KS1 who are now likely to only achieve ARE are targeted to achieve greater depth with accelerated progress.
  • Middle attainers identified as possible higher attainers are given appropriate challenge to accelerate progress.


Priority 3 – School Community Engagement

  • Ensure that all children are engaged and immersed in the entire school curriculum and that leaders monitor the effectiveness of their subject areas to ensure high standards and outcomes for all learners and high engagement.
  • Ensure that absence procedures, attendance and punctuality are robust and followed to ensure attendance is at or above national and PA % does not exceed 9%.
  • Parents are engaged as partners in the school to enable positive relationships to significantly contribute to the improved attendance of pupils.