The study of science is an essential part of the curriculum at Harrow Lodge Primary School. Through the science curriculum, children  will develop skills to investigate, explore and understand the world in which they live. Our aim is for our children to be successful individuals who enjoy learning. We want our children to think independently, to solve problems, justify and explain their understanding of concepts and work collaboratively whilst developing resilience and confidence.

All children have the potential to progress scientifically. We recognise that they arrive with different levels of language and experience. Our aim is to  provide appropriate experiences and support to enable them to develop scientifically. We hope to demystify the world of aspirational education and employment and open pupils’ eyes to experiences that they might otherwise have disregarded.

Good science in the Primary school should be firmly based on children’s first hand experiences and the sorting and classifying of these experiences in a responsive, child led and logical way. Our intent is that our children develop a love of science through practical, hands on lessons which not only engage them but raises their aspirations for entering STEM careers.

Science in the classroom must start from the views which children hold and give them the opportunities to change their views and ultimately their understanding. We intend that our children develop new knowledge and skills that build on what has been taught before and our science curriculum is designed so that every pupil, whatever their ability or background, can be successful and achieve.


Science Long Term Plan