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Our new Harrow Lodge School logo uniform is available to buy from our school. Any other non-logo items are available from Asda.

Uniform Order Form

If you would prefer to order your child’s school uniform on-line please click here  for instructions on how to do this.

At Harrow Lodge Primary School, we believe that compliance with school uniform is important for the following reasons:

  • It helps reduce social conflicts based on fashion within the school.
  • It enhances school loyalty and helps to build community spirit.
  • It reduces clothing expenses for parents.
  • It promotes an effective learning environment where students are not distracted by fashion trends.
  • It provides an easier adjustment to secondary school where uniform is non-negotiable.
  • It sets the gold standard by which we set all our principles.


Please click on the link below:
Harrow Lodge School Uniform

Lost Property

Lost property will only be kept for one month and then disposed of.

For personal possessions which are lost or stolen, the council does not make payments, since it is expected that all employees and pupils accept responsibility for their personal possessions, including money, glasses, braces & retainers.