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To strengthen our whole school approach to our Core Values, we will be exploring a major theme (core value) over each half term. Every week, there will be a focus on a particular aspect of that theme. This is to help the children develop a deeper understanding of the core values of our school.
Each week a certificate will be awarded during Friday’s celebration assembly which
is directly linked to that week’s core value.

Autumn Term 1  –  Respect
Autumn Term 2 – Empathy
Spring Term 1  –  Aspiration
Spring Term 2  –  Confidence
Summer Term 1  –  Honesty
Summer Term  2  –  Achievement

Positively affect our self-esteem and self-confidence.

  • Provide a moral framework within which we live and learn.
  • Help us to be reflective which leads to development and improvement.
  • Develop mutual respect and acceptance of our cultural differences.
  • Help to develop quality relationships between staff, pupils and the community.
  • Enable everyone to be equal and have a voice.
  • Help to develop the ability to understand and express feelings.
  • Strengthen our sense of belonging.
  • Help us to reach our potential in every dimension of our being.


We put philosophy into practice by:

  • Introducing the Core Value of the half term through assemblies and story times.
  • Making the Core Value an implicit feature across the whole curriculum.
  • Having central displays showcasing the Core Value.
  • Recognising and celebrating behaviour that reflects our Core Values.
  • Supporting charities.
  • Encouraging children to take on appropriate responsibilities.
  • Working towards a more sustainable school
  • Recognising and learning from the hard work and success of others.
  • Recognising the contribution and impact of the actions of others.
  • All adults acting as role models.
  • Asking parents and the community for their support.


We expect all adults to act as good role models by:

  •   Taking care of each other.
  •   Looking at the positives rather than the negatives.
  •   Finding time for yourself and showing that you are human.
  •   Remembering to be and not just to do.
  •   Living your values even when things get tough.
  •   Ensuring all smiles are returned.