House Teams

Our House Teams

Back in 2018, our pupils were set a special task – to choose what we should name our House Teams after. Following a few weeks of idea sharing and research, the children chose the theme of mythical creatures. The children then had the opportunity to vote for their four favourite mythical creatures and our new House Team names were born:

Phoenixes – Team colour yellow

Dragons – Team colour red

Griffins – Team colour blue

Centaurs – Team colour green


Everyone in school tries to gain as many house points as possible every each half term. Children can earn house points for a range of things such as great contributions in class, helping staff or children, great work, tidying their place or brilliant sport to name a few. Each week Mrs Searle reveals which team has collected the most points during our Star of the Week assembly and the teams move around our House Teams Adventure Trail. At the end of each term the winning team gets a reward.

House Team News

We are very pleased the appointment of our new House Team Captains for 2022-2023:

Griffins Dragons





Centaurs Phoenixes