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Welcome to Early Years at Harrow Lodge Primary School, you are about to embark on an amazing learning journey with us. Early Years is a vibrant and stimulating learning environment where learning is all around you! Early Years provides the stepping stones to encourage and enthuse you for the rest of your school life.   

We believe in the importance of children following their own interests and leading their own learning through accessing our indoor and outdoor environment. Our highly skilled staff, observe and identify key moments that take place as children access our high quality provision. And even though we have only been attending school for two weeks, we have already explored, Venus Fly Traps, Stars, Spiders, litter in the ocean and magnets. Children really are inquisitive little learners; they particularly enjoy curiosity corner that is bursting with a variety of mysterious objects, objects that promote their questioning skills.

We have an exciting year planned and can’t wait to watch the children develop. We will keep you regularly updated throughout the year.


Ms Goodwin and Mrs Swain


Please see the link below for a parents guide to Online Safety for the Under 5s.

Online Safety for the Under 5s



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Miss Goodwin Class Teacher

Mrs Swain Class Teacher


Please watch this useful video which outlines how we teach in EYFS



Our topics for the summer term are Sunshine and Sunflowers and Big Wide World

Sunshine and Sunflowers

This seasonal project provides opportunities for outdoor learning and teaches children how to care for the plants and animals in their local environment and how to stay safe in the sun.



Big Wide World

This project teaches children about the global community to which they belong and explores how living things, communities and climates differ around the world.



Home Learning Ideas for Summer 1

EYFS Summer 1 Homework Page