At Harrow Lodge Primary, we know that a good understanding of a wide range of vocabulary supports success across the whole curriculum. Improving children’s vocabulary is a whole school priority. We want all our children to acquire a wide vocabulary and gain a good understanding of words. At the beginning of lessons, children are shown key words related to their learning to discuss and activate their prior knowledge. The learning environment supports vocabulary development with key words, images and contectualised examples. 

Vocabulary is a key component of our curriculum. It is regularly referred to throughout all interactions. We provide opportunities for the children to encounter vocabulary through high-quality texts, all conversations, independent reading, being read to, modelled writing, direct teaching, assemblies, encounters on trips with experts and performances.

This year we have have introduced the Harrow Lodge 1000 Word Project. Each subject leader has identified 11 key words for each year group that they want children to know, understand and use well, from EYFS through to Year 6. Many more words are introduced each year but these 11 words have been identified as the most crucial words to learn during that school year.  Our intention is that by the end of their primary education, all children will have a good understanding of at least 1000 subject specific words, are using these words in their speech, reading and writing and have developed a ‘word conciousness’ to help them understand academic vocabulary as they move into Key Stage 3 and beyond.

Click on the links below to see the Harrow lodge 77 Word Project for each Subject area:

Literacy 77 words

Maths 77 words

Science 77 words

Computing 77 words

History 77 Words

Geography 77 words

Art and Design 77 words

Design and Technology 77 words

PSHE 77 words

Spanish 77 words

PE 77 words

Music 77 words

RE 77 words