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Year 1 Photo Gallery

Class 1A had a visit from Phil at “Jaws N Claws”.  They had a great time meeting lots of different animals and learning some fun animal facts!


Year 1 visit Harrow Lodge Park


Year 1 had lots of fun today during National Science day with a variety of different experiments.


A lovely end to our topic visiting Colchester Castle. Year 1 had a great day being Lords and Ladies of the castle and having a tour with the castle knight who told them all about life in the castle. He was very impressed with the children’s knowledge about parts of a castle. They even got to go on the roof and attacked the castle with arrows and charged up the drawbridge!
A really fun day, with lots of exhausted children sleeping on the bus on the way home!


Year 1 had a super start to their toys topic with a puppet workshop.

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